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  पशुपालन विभाग के ऑनलाइन पोर्टल में आपका स्वागत है    
मुख्य मेन्यू
संगठनात्मक व्यवस्था
सामान्य सूचना
संस्थान का विवरण
विभागीय फार्म
सूचना का अधिकार (आरटीआई)
स्टाफ स्थिति
टेलीफ़ोन डाइरेक्टरी
शिकायत प्रकोष्ठ
भर्ती एवं पदोन्नति नियम
निविदा सूचना
हि० प्र० स्टेट वेटनरी कौंसिल
हि० प्र० पैरा- वेटनरी कौंसिल
राज्य पशु कल्याण बोर्ड
अन्य मुख्य लिंक्स
विभागीय लोगो
हि० प्र० गौसेवा आयोग
सब्सिडी योजनाओं के लिए आवेदन करें
लम्पी चमड़ी रोग
हमसे सम्पर्क करें
पशुपालन विभाग के पोर्टल में आपका स्वागत है

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Important Links

  Farmer's Handbook
  6 Nos. Schemes of the Department notified under Section-7 of Aadhaar (dt. 29-03-2022) alongwith Corrigendum (dt. 04-07-2022)
  Lok Mitra Kendras Charges w.r.t. 6 Nos. Department Schemes available online
  19th and 20th Livestock Census
  Citizen Charter
  Compendium of Best Practices (RTI)
  Chamurthi - Himachali Pony
  Approved SOP for Establishment of New Educational Institutes for Para-Veterinary Course
  Breeding Policy for Cattle & Buffaloes in Himachal Pradesh 
  Judgment of Hon’ble Supreme Court of India on implementation of suo-motu disclosure under Section 4 of the RTI Act, 2005.
  Departmental Manual
  Himachal Pradesh Office Manual, 2011
  Attestation Form & Self Declaration Form for use at  time of Regularization
  Submission of Joining/Departure Reports on T.R.-1 Form
  Regarding Joining & Relieving order
  Reg. acceptance of online pension papers through Manav Sampada by AG HP
  Notification the H.P. State Government Policy/Guidelines for Veterinary Pharmacist Training course through Training Institutes
  Rates of the livestock and its product for the year 2022-23
  Rate Contract of Veterinary Equipments 
  H.P. State Government Guidelines/ Policy for the Purchase of Veterinary Medicines-2023
  Services notified under H.P. Public Service Guarantee Act, 2011
  Transport of Animals Amendment Rules, 2001
  PCA -1960
  The Prevention of Cruelty to Draught and Pack Animals Rules, 1965
  Pack & Draught Animal Rules
  Prevention and Control of Infectious & Contagious Diseases in Animals Act- 2009
  Prevention and Control of Infectious & Contagious Diseases in Animals (Check Post and Quarantine Camp, Manner of Inspection etc.) Rules,2016
  H.P. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter Act-1979 and Rules 1980
  H.P. Prohibition of Cow Slaughter (Amendment) Act-2010
  Promotion orders of Class -IV to Vety. Pharmacists
  Exemption in passing Hindi paper of Departmental Examination to Veterinary Officer dated 15-02-2024
  Instructions-reg.disbursement of retirement dues & payment of interest thereof. 
  Status of Pending Departmental Court Cases in Hon'ble High Court as on 11-01-2024
  List of A.H. Deptt. Officers retiring from Govt. Service till 31-12-2024 
  Target Fixed for the  year 2023-24
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