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Advisory Service on Fruit Plant Nutrition to Fruit Growers of Himachal Pradesh

Department of Horticulture Himachal Pradesh is implementing a scheme “Advisory Service on Fruit Plant Nutrition to Fruit Growers of Himachal Pradesh", since 1974. The scheme is based on Tissue/Leaf Analysis Technique under which leaf/plant tissues samples from the orchards of the farmers are collected at specific time adopting set methodology. The samples are then processed and chemically analyzed to ascertain the status of various Macro and Micronutrients in the orchard. The results are then compared with established standard values or sufficiency norms and there after balanced and judicious doses of various nutrients/ chemical fertilizers are worked out and recommended to the concerned farmer. The farmers are advised to adopt the fertilizer recommendations made on the basis of leaf/tissue analysis technique. Thus the farmers obtain higher yields of good quality fruits for longer period from their orchards at low cost of production

The main thrust areas of this scheme

  1. To assess the nutritional status of commercially important fruit crops through leaf analysis technique.
  2. To formulate and stabilize fertilizers schedules of fruit crops.
  3. To provide advisory services on fruit plant nutrition to fruit growers of the state.
  4. To establish new fruit plant nutrition laboratories equipped with latest and advance equipments for leaf analysis, in different areas of the state.


At present three fruit plant nutrition laboratories are working in the state. These laboratories have been established at following locations.

  1. Fruit Plant Nutrition Laboratory Shimla at Naubahar.
  2. Fruit Plant Nutrition Laboratory Dharamshala, District Kangra
  3. Fruit Plant Nutrition Laboratory Kullu at Bajaura.

In order to provide leaf analysis service to the farmers of Tribal areas of the state the department of horticulture has established two leaf sample Drying cum Grinding units. These units are located at Recong Peo in District Kinnaur and Bharmour in District Chamba.


  1. A Fruit Plant Nutrition Laboratories are well equipped to analyze leaf samples for Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, Calcium, Magnesium, Iron, Manganese, Copper and Zinc.
  2. B Drying cum Grinding Units have the facilities for receiving and processing of leaf samples for analysis. Analysis of the processed samples is carried out in the Fruit plant Nutrition Laboratories.

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