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Additional Central Assistance Scheme 'Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna'


A new Additional Central Assistance Scheme’ Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna’ (RKVY) has been launched by the Government of India during the year 2007-08. Under this scheme, the need felt projects for horticulture development based on the district plans are proposed for approval by the State level Sanctioning Committee(SLSC) of RKVY as State Horticulture Plan for inclusion into Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna.The funds are received under two streams.


The farmer centric components covered under Stream-I & II under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna are as follows:



-Establishment & Strengthening of Mushroom Units in Private sector



  1. Area Expansion
    • New Plantation
    • Replacement of old plantations
  2. Creation of water Resources
  3. On farm water management
  4. Protected cultivation
  5. Production of Planting material
  6. Popularization of organic farming
  7. Promotion of Integrated Pest Management
  8. Development of Beekeeping
  9. Mechanization of Horticulture
  10. Improvement of Plant/Soil health
  11. Transfer of Technology
  12. Women Empowerment
  13. On farm handling of fruits


Pattern of Assistance under Stream I&II of RKVY is as under:



S. No.

Name of the Component

Name of the Activity

Pattern of assistance

50% per unit









Establishment & Strengthening of Mushroom Units


Private sector:



i) Establishment of small scale Mushroom house(20'x12'x10') handling 4
MT (400 Bags  ) compost


ii) Installation of tools and Equipments in Mushroom house


iii) Assistance for procurement/ preparation of substrate upto 800 bags (8MT)



S. No.

Name of the Component

Name of the activity

Pattern of assistance (50%)


Area  Expansion




A.New Plantation

i)  Fruits (For three  years)

Rs.22500/- per ha.



ii) Vegetables

Rs.13000/- per ha




iii) Floriculture

Rs.13000/- per 0.2 ha



iv) Aromatic plants

Rs.5000/- per  ha



v) Medicinal Plants

Rs.13000/- per ha


B.Replacement of old plantations


Rs.15000/- per ha


Creation of water Resorces

i)Water harvesting from  source to tank

Rs. 20,000/-per ha.



ii)Creation of Water Storage tanks (300

Rs.1,00,000/- per unit



iii) Tubewell/borewell

Rs. 12500/- per  unit


On farm water management

i)  Drip  irrigation

Rs.25000/- per ha



ii) Sprinkler Irrigation

Rs.15000/- per ha


Protected cultivation

i)  Low cost Green  House

Rs.125/- per  sq.m.



ii) Hi-tech Green  House

Rs.325/- per  sq.m.



iii) Shade net

Rs.14/- per  sq.m.



iv) Anti  hail net

Rs.500/- per tree




Production of Planting material


i) Establishment of small  nursery

Rs.3,00,000/- per unit


Popularization of organic farming

Vermi-compost unit (30'x8'x2.5')

Rs.30,000/- per  unit



Promotion of Integrated Pest

Insect  traps, Sticky bands, Biopesticides etc.


Rs.1000/- per  ha.




Development of  Beekeeping


Supply of Bee colonies with hives

Rs.800/- per colony
& hive


Mechanization of Horticulture

i)  Manually operated equipments

Rs.1500/- per  unit



ii) Power operated equipments

Rs.5000/- per  unit



iii)Diesel  engine

Rs.9000/- per  unit



iv)Power Tiller

Rs.45000/- per unit


Improvement of Plant/Soil health

Use of micronutrients and Biofertilizers

Rs 1500/- per  Ha.



Transfer of Technology


i) Training of farmers within state(7  days)

Rs.1500/- per farmer



ii) Training/Exposure visits  of farmers (7 days) outside the State

Rs.2500/- per farmer



iii) One day farmer's training camp(25
Farmers per  camp)


Rs.1250 per  camp



iv)Organization of Horticulture

Rs.1,00,000/- per fair


Women Empowerment

i) Training of women farmers (5 days)

Rs. 1000 per farmer



ii) Seld Help Groups

Rs.5000/- per group




On farm handling of fruits


Supply of Plastic  crates/ Kiltas/baskets

Rs. 2500/- per farmer

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