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क्या आप जानते हैं?
संबंधित कड़ियाँ
हमसे संपर्क करें

Concerted efforts were made during last years in the promotion of fisheries activities, welfare of fishermen families and generation of employment in fisheries sector. The major achievements of the department are as under:-


  • Optimal exploitation of State’s reservoirs was under taken and a total of 1515.26 tonnes of fish valued over 841.90 lakhs was harvested during (2009-10)To exploit reservoir fisheries, 3,881 fishermen were given whole time employment (2009-10) compared to such employment of 3,586 fishermen during (2008-09).
  • To boost qualitative production to strengthen meager income of reservoir fishermen, 41.41 lakhs Indian major carp seed was imported from other State’s (2009-10). Thus major stress was given for seed stocking in the reservoirs.

  • Commercial farming of rainbow trout was successfully undertaken both in government and private sectors. 15.20 tonnes of rainbow trout was sold from departmental farms and 49.75 t was sold from private farms during 2009-2010.

  • With the successful breeding of rainbow trout raised from the imported ova, trout farming units in the private sector have been setup not only in Kullu but also in Shimla, Mandi , Chamba and Kinnaur districts(During 2009-10 the total no. has been setup in private sector ).

  • A special grant of 2.00 crores of which 1.00 crore has been released by the government of India, for construction of first ever mahseer farm of the country in Mandi district. Construction work has been started during 2006 and is near in its completion phase .

  • A 100% Centrally Sponsored Scheme on "Strengthening of data base of Information Networking for the fisheries sector" was initiated and sample survey has been completed. catch survey is being done..

  • Premium free insurance cover of Rs. 100000 each has been provided to all the 6560-working fishermen of the State during the year 2009-10.

  • A new dimension has been given to the fisheries promotional programmes of the State by creating targeted employment under the various fisheries schemes. During the last five years grant-in-aid of Rs. 46.00 lakhs has been disbursed and 310 new employment avenues were generated under the major welfare schemes viz. pond construction.

  • Pond fish farming have been identified as thrust area for fisheries development by the present government. In order to expand aquaculture, subsidy has been increased 2-3 times. New schemes were added under this programme viz. establishment of seed hatchery, fish feed unit, and provision has been made to provide fish seed at the door of fish farmers.

  • Despite of the fact that the department is a welfare department of the state, it's revenue has crossed Rs. 200 lakhs mark; Rs. 228.59 lakhs revenue has been realized during 2009-10. .
  • A 100% Centrally Sponsored scheme on Post Harvest infrastructure development at an estimated cost of Rs. 100 lakhs has been initiated in the department during 2005, which envisages setting up of Ice plants, aqua shops and purchase of refrigerated vehicles;

  • Under Rashtriya Krishi Vikas Yojna(RKVY) department has provided subsidy for the construction of Trout units along with First Year inputs to the tune of Rs. 55 lakhs in addition to this Rs. 10 lakhs have been provided in the shape of subsidy for c/o 8 No. Community ponds. 1000 No. Reservoir dependent Fishermen have been provided free gill nets at the cost of Rs. 3000 per fisherman to increase their fishing efficiency.For which Rs. 30 Lakh have been spent during 2009-10.
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