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मुख्य मेन्यू
मछली पकड़ने के बारे में
हिमाचल प्रदेश मत्स्य अधिनियम
मत्स्य पालन विकास
आश्चर्य (wonder) मछली
मछली विपणन
सूचना का अधिकार
क्या आप जानते हैं?
संबंधित कड़ियाँ
हमसे संपर्क करें
हमारे बारे में

Pursuance to a recommendation made by Fisheries Development Advisor to Government of India, the Fisheries Department in Himachal Pradesh was created during August 1950 as a wing of Forest Department headed by Deputy Warden of Fisheries.
The main activities envisaged for the department was conservation of riverine fisheries, production and protection of sport fisheries, issuing of licenses, breeding and production of trout seed, their plantation in rivers & streams for augmentation of riverine stock.
The plan outlay of the department received a big boost during 10th & 11th plan period. commercial trout farming which was a distant dream in early eightees became a reality when the technology was disseminated to the rural youths of Kullu, Mandi, Chamba and Shimla districts. Himachal became the first state to popularize the trout farming in private sector.
The Fisheries Department has been set up with following mandate:

1. To increase fish production in the State by judicious management of all the culturable water resources;

2. To develop reservoir fishery of the State with an aim to increase per hectare production from the open impoundments;

3. To undertake breeding programme of Indian and exotic carps, mahseer, trouts and other sub-temperate species for augmenting the seed stocking programme in reservoirs, river and streams; and tributaries;

4. To protect and conserve reservoir and lacustrine fisheries resources of the state;

5. To promote game fishery in the state with particular emphasis on promotion of Tourism;

6. To promote commercial farming of Rainbow Trout in the high altitude areas;

7. To promote aquaculture in the state by providing technical and financial assistance to the fishermen and rural youths;

8. To generate employment opportunities in the fishery sector and ameliorating the condition of fishermen of the state.

  Organisational Chart
  Seniority List
  Annual Report 09-10
  Job Profile
  ACR Status of Employees
  Exemption from District Cadre for class-IV Posts
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